Success stories of our patients

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Sino Nocwaka Klaas

Council Member and Member of the Council of Counselors South Africa
Every time we had a class I was looking forward to gaining something new and that way I was adding…

Dr. Tabitha Rangara Omol, Ed D

E-Learning Expert/Instructional Design
Today I cannot look back. I now see that asking for help is not a weakness .My life goals are…

Susan Karabu

After my coaching my eyes have been opened to new horizons. I have rediscovered my passions, and I have realized…

Lilian Kasanga

Lilian writes inspirational articles
I am grateful to Colleta Macharia, my passionate coach for sharing this wisdom with me and the opportunity for learning…

Esther Jael Amati

Today I am happy, hopeful and feel relevant. The Success Team program that I went through helped me redefine my…

Joyce Wachira

The Tears of Foundation, Kenyan Chapter Leader
I love the Christian leadership style of your coaching and also in your guide book. Bringing out the truth, that…

Sam and Wanjiku Ayany

LIFO Couples
We did LIFO just before we got married. This was the best light into each other's personalities and perspectives on…

Wanjiku Ayany

TEARS Foundation
Aristotle wrote that knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom. The Design Your Career GAME PLAN training was the…

Fraciah Thwagi

TEARS Foundation
This is a crucial training. One will learn about lessons that are very important yet overlooked. I wish I got…